Your Guide to Finding Affordable Studio Apartments

Dubai is a bustling metropolis that never naps. It is full of adventure, excitement, and romance. In this jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the city comes to life at night and on the weekends. Theme parks, fine dining experiences, entertainment, and more await you every day. It may even be impossible to see all the available attractions in one week. Amidst this vibrant cityscape, finding affordable studio apartments adds another layer of allure to Dubai’s charm.

Rent in Dubai is at an all-time low. This is especially true if you are paid in currency that performs will against the dirham (AED), such as the United States dollar (USD), the Euro, or the British pound. In fact, the USD will get you more than three times as far than the dirham. 

Affordable plan

One of the most reasonably priced apartments you can get is a studio for rent in Dubai. But especially if you are from another country, how do you find these apartments? Here are three ways to find them. 

Online Real Estate Portals

An online real estate portal is, by far, the most convenient way of finding apartments in Dubai or any other country that you wish to live in when you are not in the country yourself. Real estate portals are collections of online apartment listings and are curated website of all listings across many real estate brokers. 

These sites are particularly useful if you want to read apartment descriptions, view any added bonuses, see a floor plan, or read a regional guide. While the real estate portal will not give you the true feeling of living in the apartment, they are good for you to plan apartment viewings, or to eliminate apartments from your list as you refine your criteria.

Real Estate Brokers

After you have narrowed down your list of possible apartments that you could lease via real estate portals, you might want to visit the website of the real estate brokers that are listing the studios for rent in Dubai that you really like. 

Using the listing from one studio for rent in Dubai, visit the website of the real estate broker that is listing that apartment. You might find other apartments like the one you are looking for. Plus, if you can afford international calling, you can call the broker using the number on their website and ask for more details about the affordable studio apartments for rent in Dubai that interests you.

In Person

The final way you can find out about whether there is a studio for rent in Dubai, and there will be one, is through viewing the properties in person. This is a step that you should take after you have narrowed down your list of properties to a few potential ones. 

If you live in the UAE, you can probably find vacancy listings and be able to see the apartment in one day. However, for a potential expat living in a different country, this will be harder to do. Thus, you want to do this as a last step. You might even find more listings and apartments to investigate once you get to Dubai.


There are many ways to find a studio for rent in Dubai. You can visit one in person, visit real estate broker websites, and view listings through online real estate portals. Whatever method you use, we wish you success in finding the perfect studio for rent in Dubai for you.

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