Three Types of Amenities in Commercial Shops for Rent in Dubai

If you’re an entrepreneur in Dubai, you may be thinking of trying to expand your commercial empire. Or perhaps you’re looking for to start your very first business and build your business empire. From gyms, retail shops, supermarkets, and more, there is no end to the variety of commercial shops for rent in Dubai. 

If you are an entrepreneur with advanced skills, perhaps starting a gym or retail shop will be the best way for you to have a challenge while also expanding on your good reputation and a business owner. If you want a more basic business where the customer base is reliable, perhaps you want to rent a supermarket or hypermarket. 

While some commercial shops for rent in Dubai will come unfurnished and unequipped, what distinguishes one commercial shop for rent from another, like apartments in Dubai, will be the amenities. 

Here are some examples of amenities provided when you rent a shop in Dubai.

Commercial Shops for Rent in Dubai


Many commercial shops for rent in Dubai come “fitted,” which means that the underlying infrastructure is in place. For example, a supermarket that is fitted will have shelves in place for aisles, refrigerator bins for food, a deli counter (and possibly a seafood counter), a refrigerator and freezer aisle and more.

For another example, a fitted spa will come with a front counter, massage tables, and more. They will also come with a store front and signage already set up. 

The major benefit of getting any shop for rent in Dubai that is fitted will be that you do not have to order freezers, refrigeration units, shelves for aisles, walk-in freezers, and so on. This will save money in the acquisition of such goods and will make it easier to make a profit.

The major downside of getting any shop for rent in Dubai that is fitted is that rent for such a unit will be expensive. For example, supermarkets that are already fitted can cost over seven figures in dirham. Thus, while you save money on building infrastructure, you will have to pay a lot in rent.


Perhaps the most important feature of a commercial shops is the location. This functions as an amenity by itself. Sometimes, shops are located at the base level of a residential tower or hotel, while others are located just outside residential areas, or on the busy highways that lead to residential towers.

Naturally, the closer to your client base you are, the more desirable it is. Some types of shops may not be available in residential towers, but there always seems like there is room for a sauna and gym. If you have a retail shop, it will be best to be in the main floor of a tower and hotel. The same is true with a gym and sauna. However, it will be more advantageous to have a larger supermarket, so a supermarket is best to be located outside a residential tower or near a residential neighborhood.

A specific example of how shops can work better in the neighborhood is to have shop on the Marina Walk, near Dubai Marina. This is an idea location because this is where the nightlife, bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues are located. A retail store, gym, or sauna located along this walk (if not in one of the towers in Dubai Marina).

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Shell and Core

If your business does not come with a standard setup, such as a jewelry or electronics store, perhaps you will want a shell-and-core setup. For the creative types, this is a definite must. It comes with the base setup of an office or business, but otherwise comes unfurnished.

While the storefront is empty and unfurnished, it allows for maximum flexibility. There are no built-in walls or barriers, so you can set up the interior and exterior however you like. This allows for multiple display cases and sectioning off of the inside of the store as you set fit, while also allowing for outdoor display windows, a space for a store sign on the outside of the store, and more.

It is idea for entrepreneurs who need their store set up in a specific way that normal store floor plans would not allow for.


There are three main types of amenities provided to those who wish to rent storefronts. The first is stores that come fitted. This means that everything you need for store infrastructure, including furniture, countertops, reception desks, and more. This will save the most on moving-in costs, while costing the most in annual rent.

Next, the location is an amenity all by itself, because the better the location is, the more clients you will attract. Location alone does not guarantee you clientele or customers, however, because your store will also need to have a positive reputation to keep your client base and attract new customers.

Finally, the shell and core setup will provide the greatest flexibility. This is especially a plus if you need to set up the store in a unique way that a normal store setup will not allow for.

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